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Life, Mindset & Wellness Coaching

Bespoke 1:1 Coaching
12 weeks

As an accredited Life Coach I enable women who feel lost in life to identify their passion within, the barriers that hold them back from achieving their dreams, whilst guiding them through a journey of self-discovery, self-awareness and self-empowerment.


Cyclical Living Coaching

Menstrual Cycle Harmonisation
12 weeks

Through menstrual health education and lifestyle coaching, I enable my clients to become intimately acquainted with themselves, to enhance self-awareness and truly tap into understanding their own unique rhythms throughout each and every day of their cycle.

Yoga meditation

Breathwork Classes

Emotional Healing
Online and in-person classes

My signature breathwork classes aim to educate you on the power of your breath, inspire you to utilise this for emotional healing, and empower you to begin your journey of self-awareness as we calm your nervous system, clear stuck energy and stress, and connect you back to yourself and your heart.

Services: Services

Online Workshops

Education and self-deveopment

I run online workshops relating to a variety of themes that enhance women's wellness, such as cyclical living, perimenopause, menopause, breath work, mindful movement and lifestyle.


Women's Wellness Events

Daytime Mini-Retreats - physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

I work alongside other wellness professionals such as yoga teachers and sound healers to curate bespoke wellness retreats to nourish, educate, inspire, empower, calm, clear, connect and relax.


Personal Training

1:1 PT 
x 6 sessions
x 12 sessions

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Pre/Post-Natal Exercise Specialist

Core and Pelvic Floor Foundations

Kettlebell Instructor

Nutrition Advisor

Menopause Transition Coach 

Services: Services
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